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Jill Biden springs into action, bodyguard-style as vegan protesters charge Joe Biden

Protesters rush stage during Biden speech
Protesters rush the stage during Biden's Super Tuesday speech 00:32

Protesters briefly interrupted Joe Biden's Super Tuesday celebratory remarks to supporters in Los Angeles. Women holding signs reading "Let Dairy Die" stormed the podium where Biden was giving remarks Tuesday night, flanked by his wife and sister.

Biden moved to the side as Jill Biden, press secretary Symone D. Sanders, and security pushed the protesters aside. 

Sanders, the former vice president's campaign national press secretary, later tweeted that she had broken a nail during the altercation.

At this juncture, no primary candidates have been assigned Secret Service detail. Biden was previously under the agency's watch during his tenure as vice president and briefly after leaving office, per the Former Vice President Protection Act of 2008.

The act states that "former Vice Presidents, their spouses, and their children who are under 16 years of age, for a period of not more than six months after the date the former Vice President leaves office."  

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Holds Super Tuesday Night Campaign Event In Los Angeles
A protester (2nd R) charges the stage holding a sign that reads "Let Dairy Die," as Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a Super Tuesday campaign event at Baldwin Hills Recreation Center on March 3, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Getty

Protesters from the animal rights group have interrupted recent campaign events in Nevada and California. Topless women with "Let Dairy Die" written on their chests protested a Bernie Sanders campaign event earlier this month.

As soon as the women were removed, Biden resumed his remarks.

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