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Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at SAG Awards, Dior says

Viewers who watched Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards may have noticed something going on with Jennifer Lawrence's dress as she made her way to the stage to pick up the lead actress award for "Silver Linings Playbook."

Some speculated that the 22-year-old had a "wardrobe malfunction," or that she somehow ripped the midnight blue Christian Dior gown.

By the time she accepted the award, the dress appeared to be intact -- and a rep for the fashion house says there was no rip, or other sort of "malfunction," after all.

"The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin and that is what the viewers saw when Jennifer lifted her dress slightly. It was not ripped and there was no was the design of the gown," a spokesperson for Christian Dior said, according to USA Today.

Watch her acceptance speech (and the "dress mishap") below: