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Jay Leno says Bill Cosby should come clean

Jay Leno has mixed feelings on fellow comedian Bill Cosby, but he was clear on what he thought about the scandal.

Leno decried the media for initially casting doubt on the women who accused Cosby of molestation.

"Fifty women come forward and (the media) calls them liars, and says 'Oh, you waited 40 years,'" Leno said, according to Deadline. "Men waited 50 years to say that a priest touched them and got $7 million. How can we believe them and not the women? It seems terribly sexist to me. It seems unfair and I'm surprised no one has made that analogy."

Leno was at the Television Critics Association press session for his new CNBC show "Jay Leno's Garage," and he shared his thoughts on Cosby and the scandal that continues to grow: Three new accusers stepped forward on Wednesday.

"Bill Cosby is a wonderful comedian and has always been a nice man, I feel bad about this as anybody does," said Jay Leno, "but I don't know how he comes out of it."

He suggested that Cosby confess to what happened: "I think you admit what went on."

Cosby has been accused by more than 30 women of sexual misconduct; 35 of them were profiled in a New York Magazine story. Most accusers said Cosby gave them drugs before sexually assaulting them.

Cosby, 78, once admitted in court to giving drugs to women he wanted to sleep with. Many celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg and Jill Scott who originally supported Cosby have now changed their opinion. Reruns of the "Cosby Show" have been pulled from TV channels like BET and TV Land.

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