Jake: Hanging out with a teenage Einstein

What's it like to spend time with a teenage genius? Morley Safer and producer Katy Textor did just that.

Jake: Hanging out with a teenage Einstein

At 13, Jake Barnett has accomplished a lot. He is a college sophomore on full scholarship, he does paid scientific research on the side, and now, he's the subject of a profile on "60 Minutes."

Jake is a math and science prodigy and, as he told Morley Safer for this week's broadcast, he "permanently" remembers every math problem he's ever done. Clearly, Jake's photographic memory is one of the keys to his genius, but his physics professor Yogesh Joglekar says that's not what makes him truly special.

"What is more important is that he has the drive to learn more," said Jogelcar. "He definitely stands out as a powerhouse of raw talent."

Katy Textor, Morley's producer on this story, spent a lot of time just hanging out with Jake as she researched his story. This week on "Overtime" she discusses her impressions of the boy genius, and she tells us what Jake's mother hopes he'll accomplish in the next 10 years. It's not what you'd expect.

Watch: 60 Minutes Overtime, 01.15.12
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