Jailed Ohio man calls 911 to complain - of course he used his cell phone

Joseph Walsh
911 Emergency?: Ohio man calls 911 from jail cell to complain
Joseph Walsh

(CBS/WTOL/AP) SANDUSKY, Ohio - "9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

Ohio police say a man who had just been arrested and was jailed for disorderly conduct decided he needed help, so naturally he called 911 to complain about his predicament, and being held against his will.

"They got me in handcuffs in the county jail, and I can't get my phone call, can't do nothing," Joseph Walsh reportedly told an emergency dispatcher early Sunday.

When the dispatcher asked Walsh of his whereabouts because he was using his cell phone (no pun intended, really!), Walsh replied, "I am in the county jail. Well, it's not the county jail, it's the holding cell, " reports CBS affiliate WTOL.

The Sandusky Register reports Walsh had been handcuffed to the door of his holding cell because officers said he wouldn't calm down, and they were afraid he would hurt himself or cause damage. Walsh was arrested in a dispute outside a Sandusky bar.

Police took Walsh's cell phone away after the call was placed, according to WTOL.

He now faces an additional count - misuse of 911.

Think he'll call again?