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Jacked and Vusion: Two More to Watch

Jacked logoThe night before he presented his company Jacked to the audience at last week's Under the Radar conference, CEO Bryan Biniak saw his service break a new threshold -- 20,000 simultaneous hockey fans tracking a three-overtime playoff game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The average time on site per user was 30 minutes.

Those are impressive numbers for a web app that provides a browser-based "second screen" for TV viewers. The idea is to combine the visual quality of TV with the data, links, and social interactivity of the Internet in a real-time publishing platform.

Jacked has developed independently of the broadcast networks, which have been exploring how to create such immersive experiences on their own. The investors in Jacked's 6.5 million Series A financing round last year are probably hoping that the media giants will start calling this startup soon...

Pick almost any major consumer trend and you'll find new companies poised to exploit it. Over the next few years, 10-15 percent of TV viewers are expected to migrate to PCs, and a startup company called Vusion expects to be ready for them.

The firm boasts that it can achieve radical improvement in the streaming Internet video experience. "Our unique high-definition and instant-on video streaming provides an end-user experience second to none," says CEO Elie Habib.

The key here is high quality and ease of use. If the company's product lives up to its billing, there's little doubt about the market, since in this case, if you build it they will come.

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