Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin for women's conference, time with Merkel

Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin

Ivanka Trump’s trip to Germany is no ordinary trip by an ordinary White House official. In fact, it’s three visits in one -- by Ivanka Trump, the first daughter; by Ivanka Trump, the presidential adviser; and by Ivanka Trump, the businesswoman.  It’s complicated -- just like the state of U.S.-German relations right now.

On the face of it, she has gone to Berlin for a high-powered conference on promoting the role of working women. It’s one of her pet issues. She’s also here because Angela Merkel knows an opportunity when she sees one, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips.

When the German chancellor went to Washington, D.C. to meet Ivanka’s father, President Trump, the atmosphere bordered on icy.

So when Merkel met Ivanka and invited her to the Berlin women’s conference, that invitation was about more than playing to the first daughter’s interests.

Political analysts in Germany, like Josef Braml, say it was a way to use a side door to get into the White House.

“You take what you get,” Braml said. When asked what that access gets the chancellor, Braml said, “You get access to Donald Trump and maybe a moderating effect to Donald Trump because he’s also surrounded by people who are less moderate and seem to be more radical.”

Ivanka, the special adviser to the president, told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King that when it comes to trying to influence her father on issues she cares about, she’s not shy.

Ivanka Trump discusses her critics and new role in the White House

 “This particular title was about giving critics the comfort that I’m holding myself to that highest ethical standard. But I’ll weigh in with my father on, on the issues I feel strongly about,” Ivanka said.
However, this visit isn’t about issues. It’s about trying to jumpstart a stalled relationship.