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It's too easy to accidentally buy stuff on Apple Watch

Yes, there is such a thing as "too easy." editor Scott Stein learned that the funny way while he and fellow tech editor Dan Ackerman were demonstrating some Apple Watch apps over Periscope.

"During a demo of the Amazon app on the Apple Watch," the duo wrote on CNET, "Scott used voice commands to search for a couple of items, getting the best result when he searched for an Xbox One gaming console. He saved the item to a wish list, while specifically warning against tapping the very large one-click ordering button that took up most of the screen."

But in this midst of his warning, Stein did exactly what he was warning against and hit the button, instantly and inadvertently buying himself a $300 gaming console.

Watch the hilarious moment above.

Ackerman, who was filming the demo, told CBS News Monday, "The hundreds of Apple Watch apps that are out there now, very few of them were designed by people who actually had access to the watch ahead of time. They were all sort of done in the abstract. So now that the watch is out, you can actually get one, people may need to go back and redesign their apps to work better with the real hardware."

As for the Xbox snafu, Ackerman said that Stein was able to hop online quickly to cancel his order.

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