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​Worst apps for your phone's battery, data and memory

From battery drainers to data hogs, online security company AVG has created a list of the worst apps to have on a smartphone
Battery dead: These are the worst apps for your smartphone 00:29

Feel like your smartphone battery life is a joke? It could be the cold weather. It could be an outdated operating system. Or it could be the apps you use -- even when you're not using them.

Online security company AVG Technologies released a report Wednesday calling out the biggest battery, data and memory hogs slowing down Android phones.

The worst of the worst? Facebook, again.

In its research, AVG found that the social networking app has the greatest impact on your phone's overall performance. It came in at number three for highest data traffic, most storage consumption and highest battery drain upon automatic start up. Interestingly, it doesn't use up that much battery when you actually launch it, but it sucks power like a vampire while it's running in the background.

On the list of top overall disruptors, Facebook was followed by Spotify, Instagram, Path messaging service and Amazon's shopping app.

Here's AVG's breakdown:

Biggest battery drainers (auto run at start up)

1. Beaming Service for Samsung

2. Security Policy Updates for Samsung

3. Facebook

4. Waze

5. Vault-Hide SMS service for pictures and videos

Biggest battery drainers (when run by users)

1. Samsung WatchON

2. OLX Free Classifieds

3. Telstra

4. Spotify

5. Amazon Android

Top traffic hogs

1. Daily Mail Online

2. Tumblr

3. Facebook

4. Instagram

5. Spotify

Most storage use

1. Tango messenger

2. Daily Mail Online

3. Facebook

4. Spotify

5. LINE Camera selfie app

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