Israeli PM: "Unquestionable" that Iran is behind Bulgaria attack

(CBS News) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week's bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists was certainly committed by the terrorist organization Hezbollah with the support of Iran.

"We have unquestionable, fully-substantiated intelligence that this was done by Hezbollah backed by Iran," Netahnyahu said Sunday on "Face the Nation."

"You'd think, you'd surmise intelligently, that if Hezbollah backed by Iran did this in Cyprus a week earlier, the same modus operandi repeats itself in Bulgaria," he said, referring to a planned attack on the island nation. "The Prime Minister of Israel sees more than that," Netanyahu added.

"We've been witnessing over the last two years an Iranian-sponsored global campaign, along with its sidekick Hezbollah, to launch terror attacks against Israelis," the prime minister said.

Host Bob Schieffer asked Netanyahu about possible attacks on Israeli athletes at the London Olympics which begin Friday.

"We are vigilant about the possibility they might attack elsewhere but we won't give specific details," he said. "I am not confirming any information we have on the Olympics."

The Prime Minister said the international community has to do a better of job of holding terrorist organizations accountable.

"The reason regimes and organizations use terrorist tactics is to avoid the consequences," he said, adding that you have to "name and shame" them.

"They've been doing this now around the world for the last year or two, basically getting away with murder, because nobody really pointed the finger," he said.

As Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney travels to Israel next week, Netanyahu said he will tell him the same thing he told then-candidate Barack Obama four years ago: "I'll tell him about Israel's desire for peace and Israel's concern with the arming of Iran with nuclear weapons. Unfortunately it's still with us four years later."

When asked if he would be comfortable with a Romney presidency, Netanyahu refused to answer the question, saying he has enough politics in Israel to deal with.

"Oh God, I'm just not going to go that way, Bob."

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