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Iron Man

The 2008 season of blockbuster movies has officially begun with Iron Man. As Marvel's first fully internally created movie project, they really hit it out of the park with this film. I will go on record and say that Marvel's Iron Man which hits theaters May 2nd, is the best movie based off a comic franchise ever.

Though GameCore usually sticks to doing game reviews and game related cultural editorials, we felt the urge to post something about the Iron Man movie. Thanks to our friend Tali Fischer at Sega, we were treated to a sneak preview of this blockbuster movie. When we left the theater the only word that resonated resoundingly was simply, "WOW".

If the critics don't agree, ignore them. Iron Man is a must see movie for all moviegoers. The story of Tony Starks rise to fame and super hero status was well put together. Robert Downy Jr. our beloved 80's superstar played the part perfectly. It's as though this role was made for him. He embodies the very essence of Tony Starks.

The acting was great, the technology was believable and the effects were outstanding. The way premises and technological pieces were set up in the movie you really don't have to suspend your belief too much. What's even more impressive was the level or realism behind this superhero. Marvel made sure to let people know that though Iron Man was strong, he was not invulnerable. There was a human element much unlike some of the other superhero type movies of the past.

My hats off to the cinematography and CG work in this film. One really got the feeling that Iron Man was not a completely unattainable reality. Having played the Iron Man demo on the Playstation3 and Xbox 360, I can appreciate the learning curve of getting used to the game's controls even more after seeing Tony Stark taking his time, and lumps, getting used to the controls of his new suit of armor.

Finally, the pacing, storyline, cinematography, plot, and believability of character all, in my humble opinion, made Iron Man the blockbuster movie that it will be. Forget Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, or even the X-Men, Marvels' production of Iron Man has officially raised the bar in this type of movie. If you are a comic book, technology, robot, or action movie fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Iron Man on the big screen this summer. And you also owe it to yourself to play the game, which will be available on next gen, current gen, and hand-help platforms.

By Chad Chamberlain and Alejandro K. Brown

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