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Interviewer Pet Peeve: Save the Head Bobbing for Concerts!

We all have our professional pet peeves. Editors go insane about apostrophes. Marketers groan at awful TV commercials (I imagine). And today, on blog Fistful of Talent, recruiter Dawn Hrdlica, talks about a pet peeve she's developed over years of interviewing experience.

Sure, the post is a bit of a rant, but it's also a good reminder to those of you who have polished your resume, your shoes and your answer to the dreaded biggest weaknesses question, and think you're thoroughly prepared for your interview. Perhaps you've never considered Hrdlica's pet peeve?

The head nod. Or as some others call it... the nice nod, the, "Yes sir may I have another," or the banal "bob." I get it... you want me to know you're engaged. So you bob your head in agreement while I speak.
All kidding aside, I know why you do this. Truly to show some connection. However, when I watch people do the righteous head nod when I'm speaking (or worse yet interviewing them), it's distracting, annoying and comes across as really affected. Don't fall into the trap of "acting" like you are listening... stay still and just listen. There are naturally times when body language like a head nod is always appropriate - when it is authentic. Authenticity is always appropriate. But too much of a good thing is never good. There is always a tipping point.
So, remember those afflicted with restless head syndrome, save the head banging for your next metal concert, because if you do it at the interview you're likely to drive the hiring manager mad.

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