International K-Pop sensation Psy dances at L.A.'s Dodger Stadium

(CBS News) If you regularly check out The Feed (cough, which I hope you all do, cough), then you're no doubt familiar by now with the international K-Pop sensation that is Psy, who has been covered here twice in the past month on our weekly Friday music round-up for his wild and zany music videos. Well, we've got him back again, but this time in a caught-on-tape moment that happened last night at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Psy appears at about 30 seconds into the video with a spontaneous dance lesson for the crowd.

Psy made an appearance at last night's game in Los Angeles with the Dodgers versus the Giants, and regardless of who won (okay, okay, fine, the Giants beat the Dodgers 2-1), I'd say everyone in that crowd came out on top with a live, albeit slightly blocked on the YouTube video, performance of the South Korean superstar giving an improv dance rendition up on the Jumbotron. To check out more music and dancing by Psy, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here or you can check out our past posts on him here on The Feed by clicking here and here.