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In the GOP weekly address, Gov. Fallin says the president is "being hypocritical"

(CBS News) In the Republican weekly address, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin declared that there is an "energy crisis" in the U.S. and she blames the president's "failed policies" for causing it.

"Let's be clear, the energy crisis we are facing today isn't a lack of energy resources, it's a lack of leadership," Fallin said. "That starts at the top with our president."

President Obama visited Fallin's state last month, touting the proposed southern part of the Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast.

But Fallin said the president is "being hypocritical" and engaging in "double-talk" by promoting domestic energy production.

"The bottom line is this administration is taking credit for American energy production while it works to aggressively undermine it," Fallon said. "Besides being hypocritical, the president's double-talk is dangerous to our economy and our national security."

This is the seventh consecutive week Republicans have used the weekly video to address energy, either charging the Democrats in the Senate for holding up their energy agenda or criticizing the president for blocking domestic energy production. The Republicans have hammered the president for not drilling off the Mid-Atlantic coasts and blocking the Keystone XL TransCanada pipeline, which was proposed to deliver crude from northwestern Canada to refineries in the Gulf Coast.

"Americans are paying the price for his failed policies - finding fewer jobs, higher gas prices, and less opportunity," Fallin said.

The governor said, "It doesn't have to be this way."

Meanwhile, President Obama used his weekly address to acknowledge Passover and wish people a "blessed and Happy Easter," saying "my family will join Christians around the world as we thank God."

The president added: "And throughout these sacred days, we recommit ourselves to following His example. We rededicate our time on Earth to selflessness, and to loving our neighbors. We remind ourselves that no matter who we are, or how much we achieve, we each stand humbled before an almighty God."

"These beliefs help unite Americans of all faiths and backgrounds. They shape our values and guide our work," the president said.

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