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In Colorado, Obama slams Romney on immigration

President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign stop at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colo., Thursday Aug. 9, 2012. AP Photo/David Zalubowski

(CBS News) On the second day of his Colorado tour, President Obama slammed his Republican rival Mitt Romney for statements he's made about immigration.

"Romney believes in self-deportation" and the Arizona immigration law, Mr. Obama told the crowd in Pueblo, Colo., Thursday.

The president also touts his new directive that allows children of undocumented immigrants seek legal residency, telling a cheering crowd that "being a part of the American the right thing to do."

The president's tour comes as a Quinnipiac/CBS/New York Times poll out this week showed Mr. Obama trailing Romney by five points in Colorado, though the president has a commanding 40-point lead among Hispanics, which make up 10 percent of Colorado's likely voters.

Despite President Obama's lead among Hispanic voters, both campaigns and their supporters are trying to shrink the president's lead. The Romney campaign has been running a Spanish-language ad in Colorado, which says he would repeal "Obamacare" as president, while Mr. Obama and the pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA, and SEIU are also advertising in the state.

The president also criticized Romney's opposition to wind energy tax credits, saying Romney's position would lead to job losses there, as the industry employs 5,000 people in Colorado.

"It is time to stop spending billions in taxpayer subsidies on an oil industry that's rarely been more profitable, and keep investing in a clean energy industry that's never been more promising," he said.

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