I'm Right Behind You

Fans of the "Harry Potter" series, avid "Trekkers," and those who remember Wonder Woman's preferred mode of travel all know the benefits of invisibility. And while real science has lagged behind Hollywood for many years this week a team of researchers at the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at the University of California, Berkeley, announced they had made a breakthrough when it comes to making three-dimensional objects "invisible."

There's some hardcore technical details about composite materials that bend electromagnetic waves and it's still many years away from being done on a larger scale but we'll try to distill it all for you on Tuesday morning's Early Show. The research appears in this week's journal Science and Nature.

Last week was busy with a surprise population of western lowland gorillas, an indictment in the huge credit card hacking ring, and preparing a presidential piece that compares the online presence of both candidates. It's slated to air on Thursday night's Evening News with Katie Couric. It comes on the heels of news that Democratic senator Barack Obama plans to alert his online subscribers via text message when he chooses a running mate, and Republican senator John McCain has revamped a portion of his site that rallies people for events like local fundraisers. Who comes out ahead in the internet race? Stay tuned, and stay connected!