If Batman were a dad (it would clearly be awesome)

(CBS News) If Batman were a dad in real-life, apparently his tagline would be: "When I'm not fighting crime, I drive a Honda Odyssey, it gets better gas mileage." This creative father has found an effective way to parent by adopting "BatDad," an alter-ego he uses to fight his family, rather than crime. Watch the hysterical YouTube video above that demonstrates how sometimes you need to think outside of the box when it comes to parenting toddlers. I wish BatDad was my dad (no offense, real dad, but this guy looks like a whole lotta fun).

Not only is his voice amazing (especially when he yells at his kids to "wake up!"), but the framing is pretty impeccable throughout the entire compilation as he manages to highlight his bat-eyes throughout and avoid his mouth, kind of like Christian Bale's masked man. This dad may seriously the best most super-human dad ever.

What's best is that his kids aren't even frightened of his throaty "scary" voice, hardly jumping when he barks at them to do things (my favorite part is when they are running for the bus). And while it's obvious that his wife is slightly annoyed at his batty persona -- especially when she almost spills her Diet Coke because of him -- she is also slightly amused by him, as she can be caught hiding a smile a couple of times. My only request: More, please!