<i>48 Hours</i>: Your Wildest Dreams

Cowboys Dream Of Stardom

Rodeo is a brutal, dangerous business. And it’s also one of America’s fastest growing sports. 48 Hours gets the inside story on this exciting, peculiarly American pursuit.

Tonight: "Your Wildest Dreams," December 28, 10 p.m. ET/PT

A City Slicker Tries Bull Riding: A suburban Boston stockbroker dreams of being a bull rider. So he goes to a Georgia rodeo camp. Will he come back in one piece?

Cowboy Dreams: Chris Harris' and grandfather are lawyers. But Harris wants to be a rodeo star. Can this 24-year-old take his dream all the way to the world championship?

Rodeo Controversy:
Do rodeos mistreat the animals who participate? What do you think?.

Cowboy Dreams, Part 2: Surprising everyone but himself, Harris makes a run for the championship. On the final day of competition, he has a chance to win. Can he do it?

The Myers Family: Rodeo veteran Butch Myers loves the sport so much he named one of his sons Rope. Butch, Rope, and Cash, his other son, have become the First Family of rodeo.

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