I Still Love My School!

Congratulations to the Red Sox and all of the fans in Boston who are having a dream season this fall. The Patriots look like Super Bowl naturals and Boston College could be in the national championship game! Wouldn't that be something?
And then there's my alma mater, Notre Dame, having one of the worst football seasons in school history! Every fall my family takes a pilgrimage to South Bend, Ind., even though this year, my oldest daughter was questioning the wisdom of making the trip because Notre Dame was playing the powerful USC Trojans!
Click here to see some photos from my recent football outing.
I took the opportunity to explain to my kids that you have to love your team no matter what and that being a fair-weather fan is not being a true fan. Even though my daughter turned out to be right and we got hammered by USC 38-0, it was still great to be there on a beautiful fall day, seeing friends and cheering on the Irish... all the while dreaming of next season. It can only get better. Thank goodness we didn't have to play this past weekend!