Hugs And Kisses From The Libby Trial

One of our producers in Washington, Deirdre Hester, sent us the following dispatch from the Scooter Libby trial:
All the jurors but one came into court today wearing matching long-sleeved red t-shirts stenciled with a big white heart on the front. They seemed quite amused with themselves. As they took their seats, one man remained standing and made a statement in honor of Valentine's Day. He said the jury wanted to take this unique opportunity to express their appreciation to the judge for all the comfort he has provided them, and the concern for their safety. He thanked clerks and the Marshal Service. He was smiling and said, "But our unity ends at this time." (Unclear what that meant...)

Explaining further that they remain committed to listening and coming to the best decision, he ended his little sermon with "On behalf of the jury, Happy Valentine Wishes to all." Some members of the courtroom clapped. Others seemed relieved they didn't do or say anything that would jeopardize the case at this point.

Can't you feel the love?