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Hugh Jackman lends support to bullied girl

SCRANTON, Pa. — A 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl has a new friend supporting her after she made a video appeal to stop bullying. Hugh Jackman, who has played a hero on screen, backed a noble cause in real life as well.  

The video first appeared on Cassidy Warner's Facebook page last month, when the fourth-grader held up signs describing her experience at her elementary school.

Cassidy says she's been bullied since first grade. She says she's been spat on, been hit and had her hair pulled. She says whenever she sits at a lunch table other kids leave.

Jackman on Wednesday posted a supportive message to Cassidy, saying he wants her to know she's "loved, special and smart." He also told her she was "strong, funny and beautiful both inside and out." The actor urged Cassidy to never stop asking for help, and added, "I'm your friend." 

Cassidy's mother reposted the video after her Facebook account was shut down this month. Her father tells the Scranton Times-Tribune that John Adams Elementary School has changed her lunch period and recess in response.

Brave girl shares heartbreaking story about bullying

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Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, April 11, 2018