"Hugger Mugger": Police out to stop man's touchy scheme in St. Louis area

GENERIC hug hugging
A hug can be just what you need, at the right time and place; authorities near St. Louis say that's apparently not what one man is offering
(CBS) ST. LOUIS - Somebody in St. Louis is either unusually affectionate, or a cause for concern.

Several women have reported to police that a man they don't know has approached them in public and asked for a hug, CBS St. Louis reported.

The hugger's m.o. is to claim that he and his target are long lost buddies, and that he's from the "old neighborhood."

After carrying on a bit of conversation - if you can call it that - the man then asks for, and occasionally receives, a hug.

It's a birthday hug, the man claims.

It's happened several times in recent days at local Schnucks markets.

But the 'hugger mugger' recently was less than well-received when he approached one woman in Fairview Heights, Ill. who not only refused his hug ploy, but also pulled out her phone and called police.

The hugger is described as a white male in his 30s or 40s, 5'6", weighing 170 lbs.

They believe he's driving a silver Nissan sedan.