Huckabee's Moral Victory...One Primary Late

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

NEW YORK CITY -- Mike Huckabee's odds of winning the nomination are mathematically slim but for the scrappy, comparatively penniless Huckabee to stay in the race while his well-financed opponent, Mitt Romney, suspends his campaign is a victory for the Arkansan.

Always skeptical of Romney's moral compass, Huckabee – a poor man's candidate – has resented how lavishly Romney spent his own money to finance a steamroll of ads.

"My feeling is if anyone should step aside, maybe Mr. Romney should. After all, he's the one that spent 100 million dollars to have the same market share that I've had for seven million," said Huckabee this weekend after Romney called it a two-man race between and McCain.

"I would say that anyone with an MBA from Harvard business school probably would look at that kind of analysis and say, ya know his product isn't selling as well as mine is for the amount of money he spent on the market."

That being said, Huckabee's competition has always dropped out one primary date late. Fred Thompson dropped out after South Carolina – not before adequately siphoning support from Huckabee's evangelical base and contributing to Huckabee's 3-point loss there. Rudy Giuliani didn't drop out of Florida until he edged Huckabee out of third place and threw his support behind McCain. And Romney's "suspension" comes after he split the non-McCain delegates with Huckabee on Super Tuesday.