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Hoyer: Bush Needs To Line Up GOP

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (R-Md.) suggested that conservative Republicans in the House are scuttling a final agreement by introducing unspecified last-minute proposals.

"Clearly everybody in the room are not necessarily in agreement," he told CNN after emerging from the White House meeting. "There were other segments in the House... We're very concerned with some plans that have been pout forth very recently – Secretary Paulson has not reviewed those plans. They are not part of his plan—we have modified that plan very substantially -- the President last night said he accepted our modfications. We think, certainly from our side, there's a consensus on how to go forward... The president hopefully is going to be working on that."

Hoyer said both McCain and Obama both spoke at the meeting in the Cabinet room, but that Obama spoke at greater length, with greater specificity.

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