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Howard Stern Offends Brits

An avalanche of 222 complaints over shock jock Howard Stern's recent ad campaign in Britain led authorities to order the posters pulled down.

The posters, promoting the New York-based TV show, Â"The Howard Stern Show,Â" on a British cable channel, featured quotations from Stern, such as: Â"It's OK for a man to commit adultery if his wife is ugly.Â"

The Advertising Standards Authority ordered the Bravo channel on Tuesday to take them down. Bravo also was ordered to have future posters approved in advance.

The authority -- a nongovernmental body that monitors ads and responds to complaints -- said the Stern ads were offensive and Â"people just didn't get the joke.Â"

But Bravo argued that the quotes were lifted directly from the show and accurately represented its content.

The only recent advertising campaign to draw more complaints was for the film Â"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,Â" which some found offensive because Â"shagÂ" is slang for sex. The authority took no action over those complaints.

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