How to Turn Your Personal Facebook Page Into a Money-Making Business Page

Meet Joe. He came up with a great business idea, used Kickstarter to fund it, and managed a successful launch. Along the way, he picked up lots of "friends" (i.e. fans of his new product) on his personal Facebook page.

Knowing full well the power of social media, Joe is ready to create a Facebook business page, one that's devoted solely to his new enterprise. Just one problem: How can he transfer all those friends -- those invaluable business leads -- from his personal profile to his business page?

Facebook itself just delivered a solution: the Profile to Business Page Migration tool. With it you can convert any personal profile into a new business page, bringing with it your profile photo and, more importantly, your friends (but nothing else).

This not only saves you a bit of effort in building a business page from scratch, but also turns all your friends into "fans." It's a great way to hit the ground running, fan-wise.

The tool gives you a choice of six page types, including a company or organization, a local business, a brand or product, and even an artist, band, or public figure.

Keep in mind that once you make the move, it's a done deal: there's no going back to your personal profile (though can always create a new one, natch). If you want to preserve any personal stuff before making the move, Facebook lets you download it first.

Want to learn more? Head to Facebook's Help Center, which has more information on the Profile to Business Page Migration process.

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