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How to save $6.5 million this holiday season

In the spirit of the season, "Sunday Morning" offers up its own short list of way to enjoy big holiday savings
In the spirit of the season, "Sunday Morning"... 02:02

(CBS News)  It happened this week . . . the latest innovation in holiday shopping: stores open all day long on Thanksgiving Day itself, turkey dinner take the hindmost.

Denounced by some, embraced by multitudes, Thanksgiving shopping offered one more day chock full of special sales and discounts to save gift-givers money.

And now, in the spirit of the season, we offer our own shortlist of ways to enjoy big holiday savings:

Gift Idea Number One: The ultimate in outdoor entertainment offered by high-end store Neiman Marcus: a retractable 201-inch flat screen TV, complete with surround-sound that will have your neighbors' tongues wagging. Television al fresco anyone? 

Pass on this and you instantly save $1.5 million!

Money saving Gift Idea Number Two: A full-size Sputnik Chandelier, like the one in New York's Metropolitan Opera House.  Buy the $18 Christmas tree ornament instead, and you save yourself as much as $36,000.

Money Saving Gift Idea Number Three: The Dalmore Collection of rare whiskies in a bespoke wooden cabinet, featured at Harrods Department Store in London. 

Buy your favorite bottom shelf brand instead, and you save yourself 987,500 pounds (that's just over $1.6 million).

And finally, Gift Idea Number Four: a personal submarine that can dive you to a depth of 3,300 feet by Triton. Stay on shore and you save yourself $3.35 million.

All told, that's just over $6.5 million we've saved you already. Happy Holidays!

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