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How to Prioritize Your Selling Time

Setting Sales Priorities
In most sales groups, prioritization is all talk and no action. And that's too bad, because if you don't know how to prioritize, you're going to be doing a lot of the wrong stuff. The key to prioritization is aligning your day-to-day activity the expectations of sales management and your company's sales strategy. To achieve this alignment (and impress the heck out of your sales manager), you need to sit down and seriously answer the following questions:

  1. What is our corporate sales strategy? (If you don't know, ask.)
  2. How do my day-to-day activities help support that strategy?
  3. What additional resources I personally need to execute that strategy?
  4. What sales skills do I need to develop in order to execute on that strategy?
  5. What customer knowledge do I need to execute on that strategy?
  6. What will I have to do differently in the future in order to execute that strategy?
  7. How will management be measuring my activities against that strategy?
  8. What are any concerns that would keep me from executing that strategy?
If you have solid answers for all of these questions, you've got everything you need to prioritize your activities to help your company go where your management wants it to go. If you don't have such answers, well..., then you're pretty much doomed to waste time and effort pursuing dead end activities.

The above is based on a discussion with Sharon Daniels, CEO of AchieveGlobal, a top sales training firm.

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