How to Fix the Oil Spill? Ask a Kid

Students at Oakcrest High School in New Jersey have ideas about how to fix the oil spill in the Gulf.
There's no shortage of oil spilling into the Gulf, and no shortage of suggestions for stopping it. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller tells us some of the freshest ideas come from the youngest minds in America.

The experts are trying almost anything to plug the leak, and with no perfect solution - America's children are weighing in.

Their ideas range from the bedroom, using a mattress, to bubble gum.

"If everyone had a big pack of Hubba Bubba and chewed it, and we put it into a big ball and we put it right there," one student suggested.

Their solutions may sound silly, but the intentions are not.

Science teacher David Jungblut's 9th graders in May's Landing, New Jersey have been working non-stop.

Student Brandon Daube suggested a "multi-valve system" with "interlocking pipes" onto the valve. Other ideas include a funnel, and a bell shape over the top of the well.

So why would students more than 800 miles away from the spill be so passionate about finding solutions? Because they say it's in their backyard, too.

Maurice Sellman said, "if the oil comes up, it will kill the sea life."

Taylor Cressman adds, "we want to be able to make it clean for future generations."

  • Michelle Miller

    Michelle Miller is the co-host of "CBS This Morning: Saturday." As an award-winning correspondent based in New York, she has reported for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms. She joined CBS News in 2004.