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How to "Finish Rich" in 2010

Last year may have left you in a hole, but that doesn't mean you can't start the climb out today. Getting back on financial track in 2010 started on "The Early Show" with bestselling author and finance expert David Bach.

Read an excerpt of Bach's "Start Over, Finish Rich"

In 2003 Bach laid out a plan for personal wealth in "The Automatic Millionaire," but since thetimes they have changed, and he has written his new book "Start Over, Finish Rich: 10 Steps To Get You Back On Track in 2010." So how does one recover?

Bach said on "The Early Show" a recession presents amazing opportunities if you know where to look. Bach discussed how you can find these opportunities by finding your money now (you're spending it on things you might not need); get automated (even if you just pay the minimum, don't risk missing payments); re-invest in yourself (add five percent of your income to retirement and five percent to your emergency account).

For more with Bach and how he helped address one homeowner's woes, click on the video below.

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