How Ryan Reynolds ticked off Denzel Washington

In his new action thriller movie "Safe House," Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA rookie agent whose life is turned upside down by a rogue former agent played by Denzel Washington.

On "CBS This Morning," Reynolds shared some fun moments from the set of that film -- including the time he ticked off his co-star when his phone went off during the filming of a pivotal scene.

Pictures: Ryan Reynolds Video: Ryan Reynolds on working with Denzel Washington

"The worst time it could go off -- in the middle of one of the most emotional scenes in the movie for him," Reynolds said. "We're there and there are stunt guys around us that are dead. All just all of a sudden...the ring tone starts playing. 'Come Fly with Me' is playing out of my butt."

But Reynolds didn't own up to the faux pas at first.

"I wasn't going out like that," he said. "When they finally called 'cut' and I hear everyone say, 'Whose cell phone is that?' Denzel said, 'Whose cell phone is that?' I look around and go, 'Whose cell phone is that?' It could have been worse. My iPod could have played. I have pretty embarrassing stuff on there. We could have got 'Who Let the Dogs Out' (or) 'All the Single Ladies.' That would have been embarrassing."

But Reynolds joked that he and Washington are still speaking.

"He's a method actor," Reynolds said. "... When he's off work, he's charismatic, kind and open. When he's working, it's all business."

Reynolds describes what it's like doing his own stunts in the video player above.