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House scheduled to be in session 111 days next year

The House will be in session for 111 days next year and will take a seven-week recess next summer as the general election draws closer.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, released the chamber's calendar for 2016 on Tuesday, which shows the House will be out of session for all of next August and October.

The calendar also shows the House will be out of session for 149 days next year -- more days than lawmakers will actually be in Washington.

"This calendar ensures that "the People's House" always remains in-touch with those back home. District work weeks provide an invaluable opportunity for Members to meet with and listen to constituents: working families, seniors, and veterans," McCarthy said about the schedule.

While both chambers normally recess each summer during the month of August, it usually only lasts about four to five weeks. But GOP leaders have decided to break early next year on July 15 and not return until September 6.

The Republican National Convention is scheduled just a few days later from July 18 to 21 in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention will follow from July 25 to 28 in Philadelphia.

Lawmakers will also be out of session during all of October as the Nov. 8 election approaches.

Congress usually works fewer days in Washington during election years and more during off-years. For this year, the House was scheduled to work 132 days. But last year, because of the 2014 midterm elections, the House was scheduled to be in session 113 days.

During the last presidential election in 2012, the House was scheduled to work 109 days.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, released the Senate's calendar later in the day, which has the upper chamber scheduled to be out of session for 108 days next year.

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