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House of Representatives cancels all votes for the week, eyes short-term funding extension

George H.W. Bush to lie in state at Capitol
George H.W. Bush to lie in state at Capitol 04:34

The House of Representatives has cancelled all votes for the week so that lawmakers can mourn the death of former President George H.W. Bush. The House is also expected to approve by unanimous consent a two-week extension to government funding, which would run out on Friday; that would avert, for now, a partial government shutdown that was looming.

Funding for some parts of the federal government is set to expire at midnight Dec. 7, a deadline created months ago. President Trump said on Saturday he was open to pushing back the date by at least a week.

The new deadline for funding government will be December 21, sending a message to lawmakers is get this done or miss Christmas. Originally the last votes of December were supposed to be on Thursday, December 13. 

Among the most contentious items left on the agenda are what to do about border wall funding. Some Democrats, especially those in the House who are about to take power, don't want to give Mr. Trump any extra money for his border wall.

The funeral arrangements for Mr. Bush are postponing several other Congressional events as well. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had received a subpoena to testify before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday; that's no longer scheduled. And a hearing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who was supposed to appear Wednesday, will also be rescheduled

Over the weekend, former FBI Director James Comey reached an agreement with the House Judiciary Committee to appear for a closed-door interview on Friday. He had originally sued to fight a subpoena for an appearance today. The committee agreed to provide him with the transcript of his testimony which he can make public as he chooses; this could happen as soon as Saturday.

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