Hope Springs From Barbaro's Brother

Nicanor, the full brother of the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro
Nicanor, the full brother of the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, is walked by exercise rider Pam Ritter at Palm Meadows in Boynton Beach, Fla. Monday, Jan. 26, 2009. Nicanor will race for the first time either this weekend or next. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

The horse's name is Nicanor. He has yet to run a single race - and still, he has the entire horse world whispering.

It's in his genes, CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports.

Nicanor is the first full brother of Barbaro, the horse who stormed his way to victory in the Kentucky Derby, then two weeks later, shattered his leg - and with it, the hearts of race fans everywhere.

His eight-month struggle to live captivated the world.

It's hard to ignore the parallels between the brothers. Nicanor has Barbaro's build, his trainer, his old stall - even his love of the camera.

"I hope lightning can strike twice, but if he doesn't, I understand," said Nicanor's trainer, Michael Matz. "He was a pretty good horse, Barbaro, and I don't know if there's one as good as he is."

All the world will find out this weekend, on the same track where Barbaro marked his first win.

Nervous owners Gretchen and Roy Jackson can hardly wait.

"I just really pray for a safe race - I really do," Gretchen said. "And secondly, that we win by 15 lengths!"

But his older brother's legacy goes beyond his blood relatives - even beyond the track itself.

Charlie Wallen knew nothing about horses before Barbaro.

"His courage, his fortitude, his ability to rise above the circumstances he was in after his injury," Wallen said. "It gave you hope and inspiration for everything in your life."

Today, she's part of a passionate online community of 3,500 FOB's - or Fans of Barbaro. Their true obsession is animals whose working - racing - days are done.

Instead of going to slaughter, the FOB's help get them to rescue groups like one in Florida.

"In the name of Barbaro, there have been thousands and thousands of horses saved," said Jennifer Swanson of Pure Thoughts Rescue Farm.

So this weekend at his baby brother's debut they'll be cheering for Nicanor - and thinking of Barbaro.

"You know, you always dream that you could have another Barbaro," Matz said. "I was lucky enough to have one. Two would be a little greedy, but you always hope for the best."

If this dream doesn't come true, another little brother, Lentenor, is already kicking up his heels.