Hope Fading for Those Caught in Rubble

In a city full of tragedies, there were some miracles Friday at the landmark Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, where seven people were rescued from the rubble, five of them Americans.

"Thank you all for saving my life," one woman said.

As search teams start to make their way into the country, some of this country's most vulnerable victims may have been saved just in the nick of time, reports CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella.

After being trapped two days, toddler Reggie Claude was greeted by his mother after being pulled from the rubble that was his home. And a school teacher, Hilaire Nickes, said that while trapped he confessed and said special prayers to god.

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People have been buried for three days now in scorching tropical heat with no water.

Molly Hightower and Erin Kloos were working at a hospital when the quake hit. They had dedicated their young lives to helping Haiti's orphans. Erin's brother Ryan, visiting from the U.S., was there too.

The hospital collapsed and the three Americans were trapped, but could hear each other's voices.

"We had a team, since the hospital fell, 30 people, non-stop digging with everything that they had - some picks, some shovels, butter knives," said Rick Frechette, a priest.

They found Erin and her brother yesterday. He did not make it. She's in stable condition in the United States. Molly's body was found at 4 a.m. and brought down from the hills. Her parents would like to bring her body home, but with the infrastructure challenges, it could be a while.