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Hop A Ride On Katie's Listening Tour

As you've almost certainly heard, incoming CBS News anchor Katie Couric has been making her way around the nation on a little listening tour, designed to help the new "Evening News" team better understand what viewers want from their broadcast. As "Evening News" Executive Producer Rome Hartman tells the Los Angeles Times this morning, the tour is "about figuring out how to do stories in a way that are valuable and meaningful and relevant to people. … It's easy to be a little bit isolated. We don't want to do stories for each other."

The tour, officially dubbed the "Eye on America Tour," is slated to hit six cities before it wraps up on Monday. But while Katie and crew listen to some select participants in those cities, don't let your voice get lost in the mix. Remember, Public Eye is your place to talk to CBS News, and since they're asking how they can make stories in a way that is more relevant to viewers, why not give them your two cents right here.

Either post a comment below (yes, you must register but it's quick and once you've done it, you're done with it) or e-mail us your thoughts and suggestions. Do you want more hard news, analysis or foreign coverage. Do you want to know what it all means for your own life, more news you can use? Would longer stories be more valuable to you? Would you like to see more interactivity, easier ways to dig into stories or more opinion? We'll post the best ideas, comments and suggestions we get and make sure the folks at the "Evening News" see them. By "best," we mean interesting, thought-provoking, innovative or unique not insulting, predictable ideological or agenda-driven rants.

It's your opportunity to take part in Katie's "listening tour," so let's hear it.

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