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Holiday gift ideas from Techno Claus

Ho! Ho! Ho! David Pogue, disguised as a jolly man in red named Techno Claus, emerges from the "Sunday Morning" fireplace to deliver some gift suggestions for those on your list who love gadgets:

In America, now, at the end of the year,
It's tough to come up with the requisite cheer.
Yet I, Techno Claus, will attempt nonetheless
To bring joyful tech gifts to every address.

The Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser. CBS News

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser ($98)

Those fancified speakers are fine, I suppose, 
But why stop with hearing? Why not treat your nose?
The Moodo machine fills your house up with scents.
No candles, no sprays, just these capsules with vents.

An app shows the smells; lets you mix, match and stir,
It sure beats my usual: Wet reindeer fur!

The Furbo Dog Camera is for cats, too! CBS News

Furbo Dog Camera ($169)

You're out of the house, and your pet's all alone.
You can't keep in touch, 'cause he can't hold a phone!
The Furbo will spy on your kitten or pup
And this button here even lets you speak up.

And if he's been good, and he's kept the place neat,
A tap on the app even tosses a treat!

The Jackery PowerBar. CBS News

Jackery PowerBar ($130)

These "power banks," as they are commonly known,
Supply a fresh charge for an out-of-juice phone.
But this one, I like – nah, I give it a hug:
For this one's equipped with a regular plug!

With this thing, when life takes you out and about
You may not be in, but your power's not out.

Are you on Techno Claus' "naughty" list?  CBS News

Plugable Compact Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case ($55)

We don't do much work on our phones, for alas,
There's nothing more clumsy than typing on glass.
Behold! It's a keyboard, a folding device;
The case makes a stand for the phone. Ain't that nice?

There's lots of these things; shop around, if you're wise,
But this one is nice 'cause the keys are full-size!

HotSips Reusable Straws. CBS News

HotSips Reusable Straws ($9)

We've heard about plastic polluting the seas
It's heartbreaking, looking at pictures like these:

A little slideshow of straws in the ocean.

We throw away hundreds of millions of straws
And that is why these babies get my applause.
Reusable, washable, lighter than air.
You keep it in here [a case] so it won't wind up there [the sea].

The Ekster Parliament Wallet with Tracker. CBS News

Ekster Parliament Wallet with Tracker ($83)

Your wallet is adequate; nothing amiss.
But I got a question here – can it do this? 

He presses the button, and the cards snap out like a switchblade. Oooooh!

Then just when you thought that was tricky enough,
This wallet contains even higher-tech stuff.
This tracker can locate your wallet, like so.
It's powered by sunlight! Well, what do you know?


Techno Claus, Techno Claus,
Must return to flight,
Wishing you good gadgets
And to all a merry night!

Story produced by Aria Shavelson.

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