Holiday Homecoming For A Hero

The Moorehead kids thought, no big deal. Grandma's taking us to pick up mom at the airport.

Little Joe's eighteen months old. Ana's eight. Isabelle's four.

But mom brought home a big surprise -- a soldier just back from Iraq, CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann reports.

"Daddy!" Ana yelled, running towards him.

"Oh, I missed you guys," he said.

Bill Moorehead, an Army reservist, went to Baghdad four months ago.

There, he's the master sergeant. But here, his girls run the show.

"I want to cuddle with daddy," Ana said, sitting at his feet with her siblings at the airport.

Moorehead's deployment is a family sacrifice.

"The sad part is you start forgetting things," Moorhead said. "Little things they used to do. The way they used to smile."

"Then when you see them in person it is like, Yeah! Wow!"

"It was all well in the world because daddy was home," said his wife, Tina.

At Ana's school, Moorehead's service has become a lesson in patriotism.

Students wanted him to deliver their letters to soldiers.

"And thank you for keeping us safe," said one student.

"I will make sure these letters go to the other soldiers that I am over there with," Moorehead said.

But those letters also reminded Ana -- next week, daddy goes back to Iraq.

"Be a good girl," he told her. "Do good in school. Straight A's. You know, the whole deal."

  • Mark Strassmann

    Mark Strassmann was named CBS News Transportation correspondent in August 2011. He has been a CBS News correspondent since January 2001, and is based in the Atlanta bureau.