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Hold Free Conference Calls at FreeConference

Business owners of every stripe are looking for ways to cut costs. Here's a gem: FreeConference schedules and host free conference calls for up to 150 people.

If you routinely pay a monthly bill for a conference-call service, this should come as good news indeed. But surely there's a catch for all this generosity? Not really -- and don't call me Shirley.

The company's Web-Scheduled Standard Conferences really do cost zilch. Well, zilch except for the call itself: The freebie conferences assign a long-distance, not toll-free, call-in number. If you want a toll-free number, you can get one for 10 cents per minute.

Scheduling a conference happens on the Web, complete with automated invitations via e-mail, but there's also an Outlook plug-in you can use to create and manage conferences. The calls themselves can last up to four hours, starting when the first caller joins and ending when the last caller exits.

Nice! Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? I'd recommend taking FreeConference for a test-drive before ditching your existing service, but if my quick tests are any indication, you'll like what you hear.

Of course, if you want a side of Web with your conference calls, don't miss It's also free, and it provides both voice and Web chats. [via Confessions of a freeware junkie]

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