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Hillary Clinton wears white pantsuit to debate, internet goes crazy for it

Yes, it’s after Labor Day. And yes, that makes white sort of a fashion faux pas. But when Hillary Clinton hit the stage in Vegas for the third and final presidential debate, social media users went genuinely wild for her white Ralph Lauren pantsuit. 

The outfit inspired pop culture comparisons, memes and humor, the sort of which only the internet can conjure. Here are 10 of the most on point comparisons that came of this social media frenzy.

10. Luke Skywalker

9. Jodie Foster in “Elysium”

TriStar Pictures

8. Lebron James on draft day

7. The Backstreet Boys in the music video for “I Want It That Way”

Jive Records

6. John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” 

Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection

5.Ralph Macchio in “The Karate Kid”

Columbia Pictures

4. Claire Underwood


3. Beyonce

2. Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope in the “White Hat’s Back On” episode of “Scandal.” Richard Cartwright/ABC

  1. Every chef ever

The chefs of heads of state photocall.  Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Seriously, just ask Dane Cook...

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