Hillary Clinton's improving poll numbers offer leeway to fight for other races

Hillary Clinton’s improving poll numbers are giving her the freedom to focus on down-ballot races and fight for control of at least the Senate, CBS News’ Nancy Cordes reports.

“Do the right thing and elect Deborah Ross to go to the United States Senate!” Clinton said at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina Sunday.

In Philadelphia a day earlier, Clinton talked up Democratic Senate candidate Katie McGinty. Both women are running against incumbent Republicans and their races could determine the balance of power in the Senate next year. Democrats would need to pick up five seats to win the majority.

A recent poll shows Clinton leading not just among women, but for the first time, among men, too.

She responded this past weekend to Donald Trump’s claims about the race being rigged.

“I don’t think about responding to him anymore,” she said.

In Las Vegas, President Obama did respond to Trump, arguing that both parties are there to ensure the vote is fair.

“If this was rigged, boy, it would be a really big conspiracy,” he said.

Meanwhile, Clinton responded to hacked emails published by WikiLeaks that revealed she pushed to attend a charity meeting in Morocco after King Mohammed VI had committed $12 million toward the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton was no longer serving as secretary of state at the time of the meeting and ultimately decided not to attend. Clinton Foundation records do not show any direct pledge of funding from the king or the government of Morocco.