Hillary Clinton: Slow email release is not my fault

A judge on Wednesday scolded the state department for its slow release of Hillary Clinton's records from her tenure as secretary of state, but Clinton on Thursday insisted that she is personally releasing the emails in question in a "timely fashion."

"The vast majority of the emails that I have turned over and that are being turned over by others were already in the State Department system," Clinton said to the press after a meeting with a labor union organization in Maryland. "This is really a question for the State Department, they are the ones that are bearing the responsibility to, you know, to sort through these thousands and thousands of emails and determine at what pace they can be released, and I hope it will be as quickly as possible."

Hillary Clinton emails: Does it matter?

The emails and other documents are supposed to be handed over to the Associated Press, which sued the State Department for failing to satisfy repeated document requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act.

Clinton also responded to the planned Senate voteto strip Planned Parenthood of any federal funding.

For decades, she said, "Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women in our country, and I think it is regrettable that Republicans are once again trying to undermine even end those services that so many women have needed and taken advantage of. So I think it is another effort by the Republicans to try to you know try to limit the health care options for women, and we should not let them succeed once again."

Earlier in the week, Clinton reacted to the undercover videos that prompted the Senate vote, calling the videos "disturbing."

Clinton on Thursday also said the federal minimum wage should be raised to $12 an hour.

CBS News' Sean Gallitz contributed to this report.