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Herman Cain: Debate boosted interest in my 2012 bid


Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, the long shot GOP presidential candidate who wowed a Fox News focus group with his performance at last night's debate, told CBS News following the debate that "a lot of people are now saying, 'hmm, who is this Herman Cain guy?'"

Cain's claim that people are wondering about him appear to be true: His name has been among the top Google trends since the debate took place.

Herman Cain makes splash at first 2012 GOP debate

CBS News Political Correspondent Jan Crawford asked Cain if he was really in the race to win in light of the perception that he does not have a chance to win the GOP nomination. Cain pointed to his experience with Godfather's Pizza, which he said was on the verge of bankruptcy when he took it over in 1986.

"I take a look at a situation not thinking and listening to the analysts who are saying that it can't be done, I take a look at a situation...[and say] what can we do," he said. "And if we do these things, what's our probability for success. So I find it rather amusing that the analysts continue to say I'm such a long shot. That doesn't discourage me."

"I hope they continue to call me a long shot until I take the oath of office in the White House," he added, smiling.

Cain also discussed his immigration plan in his interview with Crawford and talked about how he believes his ability to break down the issue resonates with people. Watch the full interview above.

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