Here Comes The <i>Bride</i>

Runaway Bride marks the big-screen reunion of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a pairing that set off sparks back in 1990 with the release of Pretty Woman. But don't call this new movie a sequel.

Here is a roundup of's coverage of one of the summer's most anticipated films.

Roberts Reflects On Her 20s
She's starring again with Richard Gere, but Julia Roberts isn't the same woman who appeared in Pretty Woman, reports CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale.
Gere Shows Up
Richard Gere agrees with the message from the movie: "You got to show up."
Chemistry Lesson
Director Garry Marshall knows chemistry when he sees it: Mork and Mindy, Oscar and Felix, Richard and Julia...
'Bride' Ain't 'Pretty'
Maybe Julia Roberts and Richard Gere should have quit while they were ahead.'s Rob Medich tells you why.