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Hello From Berlin

This post deviates a little bit from our usual style, so please indulge us for a minute. Or rather, indulge me. I'm writing from Germany, where I'm spending two months stationed at the New York Times Berlin bureau as part of the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program.

The Burns Fellowship is sort of a reporter exchange program: They arrange for 10 American journalists to work at outlets in Germany, and for 10 German journalists to work in America. The list of fellows is here. Most of the Americans go to German media outlets, but since my German still has a long way to go, I arranged to be at the Times, for which I have freelanced in the past.

My time working in Berlin will be split in half. Half the time I will be working on stories for the Times, and the other half I will be working on pieces for The first piece for CBS is here – it's on Wal-Mart's pullout from the German market. I'll be writing at least one such piece a week for the site, and possibly writing posts for Public Eye from time to time.

In any event, just wanted to let people know what I'm doing. I'll be back at Public Eye full time at the beginning of October. See you then!

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