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Heather Russell (VIDEO): Is 10-Year-Old Singer the Next Justin Bieber?

(CBS) - Watch your back Justin Bieber! Canada may have a new young superstar emerging in the form of 10-year-old Heather Russell out of Toronto.

This powerful and soulful young singer and songwriter has been getting a lot of buzz lately after rumors that Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Rob Fusari is grooming her for stardom. 

"Twitter King" Ashton Kutcher made mention of Heather recently in a tweet to his wife, Demi Moore, and the young singer also allegedly caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres, who last year turned then-12 year-old viral video sensation, Greyson Chance, into a star after his singing performance went viral online.

Is she the next Justin(a) Bieber, just the flavor-of-the-day or something in between?

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