problems reach beyond enrollment

CTM_1018_HEALTHCARE_1.jpg website problems continue
CBS News

(CBS News) There are growing signs the problems with the Obamacare website,, go far beyond trouble signing up.

The so-called glitches have, in fact, made the website unusable for most.

Congress investigating Obamacare website problems

State-run health exchanges working better than federal

Analysts say the most troubling news is that insurance companies are receiving duplicate sign-up forms from the government - forms that contain highly personal information.

"You're talking about weight, height, age, Social Security number, health history," said Gary Lauer, CEO of eHealth, the country's largest online seller of health insurance. "And I think that individuals who are coming on to these sites just basically want to trust that all this going to be handled properly, and accurately, and securely."

Lauer's company has a contract with the federal government to help enroll people in Obamacare, but he says problems with the website has slowed their efforts.

"We received some of the data and other things that we needed two days before the actual implementation, so, very late September," he said. "We needed it weeks before."

In a statement responding to some of the concerns, a government spokeswoman said: "As individual problems are raised by insurers, we work aggressively to address them."

The White House is refusing to release official enrollment numbers until November, but a top industry analyst estimates just 20,000 people have actually enrolled, out of 17 million visitors.

Insurance industry experts say there's one good thing about the low enrollment numbers - it means they can manage the problems with the duplicate and incomplete forms, one by one. The concern is what happens once more people start registering.

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