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Have You Received Rude Rejection Letters?

Job searching is one of the most unpleasant activities you can engage in. There's the networking, the researching, the interviewing, the stress and then (more often than it seems it should) the rejection. (That is, if you're lucky enough to actually get a response from the recruiter.)

In a buyers' market, employers can get cavalier--and yes, rude--in how they treat job hunters. Have you received a rude rejection email or phone call? And what constitutes rude? And which is better? A flowery email about how you were so wonderful, but unfortunately the planets aren't aligned properly right now, so they can't hire you? Or a "Thank you for interviewing. We have decided to go another direction. Thank you for your time"?

This person received a rejection letter written before he even interviewed:

I went to a late in the day, near closing time, interview in my home town. They asked a few questions, acted generally disinterested, then showed me out. I received my rejection letter the next day. It's clear they'd already made a hiring decision before my interview, but in order to get that letter in the mail the same day, they had to have mailed it prior to my interview.
While I applaud the efficiency, they should have just canceled the interview.

And managers and recruiters, do candidates respond to you after you've rejected them? What have they said, and has it ever changed your mind?

I'll be compiling your answers for an article next week. Maybe the recruiters will hear what you have to say and change their ways.

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