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Harry Wins '90s Film Trivia Quiz

As VH1 premiers the final episode of its "I Love The 90s" series, The Early Show wrapped up its '90s trivia challenge with a look at movies.

"Entertainment Tonight's" resident film critic and historian, Leonard Maltin, hosted the quiz along with The Saturday Early Show co-anchor Gretchen Carlson and tested three panelists - co-anchor Harry Smith, correspondent Tracy Smith and none other than former "Jeopardy!" champ, Brad Rutter.

Interestingly, Maltin was a "Jeopardy!" answer that current "Jeopardy!" champ, Ken Jenningsmissed. And Rutter did not get the following question:

In 1996, a game show host beat up Adam Sandler in the film "Happy Gilmore." Who was it?
A) Alex Trebek
B) Bob Barker
C) Tom Bergeron

Harry Smith did! TAKE THE QUIZ and see how well you do.

In fact, Smith won the day's game. Tracy Smith and Brad Rutter tied, each getting three answers right.

Perhaps Harry Smith has been reading Maltin's books.

Asked how many movies he has seen in his lifetime, Maltin says, "Thousands. I do an annual book, a paperback guide; we have almost 19,000 reviews in there. I have written a lot of those."

Harry Smith won a set of movies from Miramax of Oscar winners of the '90s and the "Jurassic Park" trilogy.

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