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Harry And Andrea Trade Places

As part of a five-part series called "Trading Places," the co-anchors of The Early Show are getting the opportunity to swap jobs with their wives, husbands or significant other.

On Monday, co-anchor Harry Smith traded places with his wife, Andrea Joyce, who besides running the household is a sports reporter for NBC, covering major events such as the Olympics.

Harry's first "assignment" of the day was to familiarize himself with the official schedule, which includes waking up his sons not once, but twice.

"Because that's the way he likes it. They like to get up once and then know that they can go back to sleep," Andrea explained.

It turns out Andrea is not only the master scheduler, she also runs a tight ship when it comes to organization.

"We give her a hard time, complain about micromanaging, but the fact is she's the only one who knows how to keep this place running," Harry admitted.

"Like so many women around the country, that's the real job," Andrea explained. "You get your kids up, you get 'em fed, you get 'em out the door, you make sure they get the bus because Harry goes to work so early he's never here to participate in that part of our day. Honestly, I felt kind of silly writing it down but we really do have a set routine."

With Harry running the morning routine, he aced the first tasks of waking up his 12- and 16 year-old sons.

"It is a little odd to go through the whole morning having … I watched part of our show, I read a little bit of the paper, but I honestly don't know what's going on right now," Harry remarked about watching the local news and reading the paper. "I'm not comfortable not knowing what's going on. It's very disconcerting."

But he couldn't get too comfy in front of the TV — Reggie, the family dog, needed to be walked.

Then, hurrying back, Harry made sure the kids would be fed and would make it out on time for school.

With all these daily tasks done, there was a major payoff — Monday being Andrea's tennis day, Harry got to play against three women.

"Somewhere between tennis and home, I lost my handy schedule. But somehow I made it through missing my real job, and appreciating all the more what a great partner I have. I've been impressed with Andrea since we first worked together in Denver more than 20 years ago. Soon she would embark on a career in sports," Harry said. "She was a pioneer in the field, and to this day I am wowed at just how good she is at everything. You really want her on your team. I think in our household, we're the guys who feel like we have the No. 1 draft pick."

How did he do? "We were great until you lost the schedule at like 7:45," Andrea joked.

While Harry had to tackle some of his wife's everyday tasks, Andrea, a TV pro, got the chance to anchor a segment on Monday's The Early Show

Focusing on fashion, Andrea hosted a segment with Clinton Kelly, host of TLC's "What Not To Wear" on fashionable clothing for women who reach a "certain age."

How did Andrea do? "You're a little too good on television," Harry joked. "This is not good for my career.".

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